Construction Site Hand Signals

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Meeting Length vs. Will To Live

good hours kill length Line Graph meeting suck work - 2662843648
By lizerdbits

It's Not Like You Have Anything Else Important, Right?

class homework Pie Chart Professors school time - 5444232448
By Unknown

Law of Drama

drama hypocrites Line Graph law - 6698543360
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answer equation question - 4226654976
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What Republicans Got Out of the Shutdown, in One Chart

Republicans government Chart - 7862898432
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I Do Nazi How This Is Funny

jokes nazi Pie Chart puns - 4463893760
By Kaizillaaaa

cigarette click noise Pie Chart smoking - 3577840384
By matornot

Real World Super Villains

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lies Pie Chart true women - 4829101568

Welcome to FrACHOO

Bar Graph holiday sick vacation - 4660221952
By thellamasarecoming

Likely Outcomes of owning a real Lightsaber

classic Jedi IRL Pie Chart - 6650319360
By markot9

If It's a Disorder, Won't Organizing It Fix It?

Pie Chart ocd - 7906063360
By Unknown

Yeah, It's Always Everyone Else That's an Idiot, Isn't It?

idiots internet Pie Chart - 5436270592
By Unknown
happiness money Video - 45982721

Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Time To Whip Out the Paperclip Assistant

windows - 7764942848
By aj1152
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