Pie Chart Star Trek - 3788061952
Created by Unknown

I Can't Take Anymore Holiday "Cheer"

christmas Pie Chart presents relatives - 5614682624
Created by asbasb

Doggie Language

best of week emotions language - 6074231296
Via Doggie Drawings

When My Dog Wants to Snuggle

dogs pets Pie Chart - 6861496320
Created by Unknown

Bar Graph burn comeback fight friends hours insults - 3476767232

Homes of Classic Literature

books infographic literature reading - 7944807680
Created by neomam ( Via )

Things to Run Out Of

Bar Graph burning - 6652239616
Via Coolness Graphed

When I Have to Sneeze

accident bathroom sneeze silent - 7668208384
Created by KittyWantACheezBurger

Candy Package Sizes v.s. How Fun They Are

bar candy cool fun normal size Travel WoW - 1996078848
Created by Unknown

That's Subtle

bag bathroom Pie Chart - 5277540096
Created by Unknown

The Odds of a Purposeful F1 Are Slim

cat keyboard - 7766623232
Created by Unknown


Cats kitten shiny - 2438983424
Created by Pfheonix

The Wedding Cake Dilemma

wedding food - 7679763968
Created by Unknown

Chance of having a graph complained about

complain graphjam murphys law typos - 1769922304
Created by canaryngoldfish

You Can't Trust Anything On the Internet

Bar Graph school wikipedia - 5307936768
Created by Unknown

Can't Stop (Like a Boss)

crumbs Pie Chart pringles - 4280763648
Created by -Crow-
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