Conversation with crush/love interest

relationships venn diagram love crush - 7107192576
Created by Unknown

Damn That, Eh

Canada eh - 4513923840
Created by professionalfailer

What the Hell Is Pyridoxine Hydrochloride?

breakfast cereal Pie Chart reading school - 5888088064
Created by Unknown

Forever a Nazi

german nazi - 4919190272
Created by Unknown

Things glued by crazy glue

glue hands need venn diagram - 3013678848
Created by htzlprtzl

DIY Repair vs Repairman

DIY - 7946262016
Created by rachelmark ( Via )

Time for an FAQ

questions ebay - 7729289728
Created by coffeeflavoredbeer

When I Need to Buy Something

buy forgetting money needs remember - 1747194112
Created by mitaltharin

Stand-up Comedy

funny TV - 2666251520
Created by noisypeter

How To Avoid Getting Fired

infographic sleeping - 7768244992
Created by Unknown

It's Just So Cute!

animal cute Pie Chart zoo - 5111497216
Created by Royalfrost

Not Anymore, Thanks to Diabeetus

butter Pie Chart - 5640852480
Created by jiggles117

The Never-Ending Blood Flow

anime Bar Graph best of week Blood body manga - 5121574656
Created by RalphAndPearl

Frequency of emoticon use

20s Bar Graph chat emoticon facebook mother teens use - 2595706624
Created by tenthirtysix

miss universe Pie Chart - 3948982016
Created by imtka

Probability of being filmed

Bar Graph childhood crowded DVD family graduation hollywood illegal photos probability stupid wrong - 2997939712
Created by pianist-master
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