A Toddler's Perception of Household Objects

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cold lunch Pie Chart spoon - 4036468736
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How I feel Apartment Hunting with friends

friends venn diagram apartment - 6940068096
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Price of the exact same candy bar vs. location

Bar Graph events free grocery store location movies sports - 2675113984
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costume Pie Chart superhero superman - 3865460736
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What If the Pilot Goes for a Nap!?

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Wholesomeness of Disney

alive disney disney channel Line Graph pixar sequels - 2819982080
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She Always Cares

dead gf girlfriend i dont care Pie Chart - 5706723840
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What happens in Vegas

husband internet las vegas wife - 2181267200
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How loud you are when you sneeze

Bar Graph loud public sneezing - 6576417536
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The Only Hot Dates You'll Be Getting

best of week forever alone Memes microwave - 5675693056
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When You See It... You'll See That It's Actually Racist

Pie Chart racist - 5656413184
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Now With More Air!

air beverages coke movies pop soda - 4924214784
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Use of Math in the Real World vs. when you learned it

learning math reality school - 1802468608
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Level of Awesomeness

Harry Potter soccer sports world cup - 3703093248
Created by Graph_user03

Level of Dedication Vs Kind of Boyfriend

attractive boyfriend dating nerds relationships - 2462880000
Created by Jordrake
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