Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

grammar ironic irony Pie Chart - 4623059456
Created by pandabearsrus


logic - 6720432896
Created by Unknown

Put The Bread DOWN

bread delicious nutella omg Pie Chart spoon - 4364465152

You Can Tell You're Addicted to Fallout When...

Music fallout lyrics video games Pie Chart - 6798384384
Created by frostatios

Please Tell Me You Play the Flute

How People View Me instrument Pie Chart - 5064162560
Created by XcrazytrainletlooseX

What Else Is There?

knowledge Pie Chart the Beatles - 4649573632
Created by ilikepi3141592653589

Colorblind Friendly?

color friend good graphjam graphs - 1712293632
Created by colburbe

Misery Trifecta

disney hot crowded loud - 7745896448
Created by Unknown

You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry

best of week mom mother parents Pie Chart scary trouble - 5517405952
Created by CheezandCrackers

Llama Language

animals best of week language - 6348421632
Via I Love Charts

Maybe the most annoying

annoying looking Pie Chart - 6983641856
Via Bite

Get In the Van

Cheezburger Image 5382625024
Created by Unknown

my road being plowed

Bar Graph blizzard road snow - 3159845376
Created by KerriKearney

Speed Limits are Just Guidelines, Right?

driving Pie Chart police - 7887209216
Created by Unknown

The Boy paradox

asshole dumb gay handsome nerd nice paradox smart venn diagram - 2596182528
Created by dvhk

Rich Schools vs. My School

school poor wealth books tape - 6755281152
Created by thekidscallmeblue
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