21 Literary Memes Bookworms Can Relate To

After a few months of lockdowns, we're pretty sure that a lot of you have crossed a lot of books off your reading lists. Or maybe you've been reading for school. Or started a Zoom book club. Or you just love working your way through literature. Whatever category you fall into, if you read you're pretty much guaranteed to love these memes about classic books and their characters. 

Funny memes about literature, books, the office, shakespeare, macbeth | skipping steps on a staircase DRINKING POISON ROMEO WAITING LIKE FIVE MINUTES NOTICING JULIET (LOOKS VERY MUCH ALIVE CHECKING WITH FRIAR LAURENCE SEE IF JULIET'S ACTUALLY DEAD | lady macbeth: omg 's not big deal, just go there and murder duncan and stop whining like little girl macbeth: DUND like but need access uncrazy side
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