deontay wilder

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"Fite me irl bro!!"

For years, internet troll and scrawny loser Charlie Zelenoff has been insulting and stalking heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder. Zelenoff has insults and racial slurs at Wilder, Wilder's wife, and Wilder's handicapped daughter on social media. Basically, he's a pinnacle of a classy gentleman.

Zelenoff also took jabs at Wilder's boxing career, claiming that he was the better boxer even though he had never won a single registered match, while Wilder has won his last 31 consecutive decisions by knockout. Naturally, Wilder called Zelenoff out on his crap, saying that if you're the better boxer, why not prove it?

Surprisingly, Zelenoff agreed to a match. The two met at Hollywood Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, and what followed was three glorious minutes of Zelenoff getting his face pummeled into a pulp.

Make that 32 consecutive decisions by knockout...