Tumblr Thread: The Still On-Patrol Submarines

There's a tradition in the U.S. navy that no submarine is lost at sea, and every Christmas a broadcast is sent out to all the crews of those subs still on duty. Naturally, tumblr took it and made it into a whole ghost ship thing, which is somehow macabre but also heartwarming. Why not, people see some unexplained stuff at sea. For a totally classic navy story, here's a Navy operations officer who pulled the laziest move ever.

Tumblr Thread on Patrol Ghost Ship Submarines | pipistrellus STILL ON PATROL learned something new and horrifying today which is no submarine is ever considered "lost there is apparently tradition U.S. Navy no submarine is ever lost. Those go sea and do not return are considered be "still on patrol There is monument about this along canal near here its worst thing have ever seen says "STILL ON PATROL huge letters and then goes on specify exactly many WWII submarine ghosts are STILL OUT THERE
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