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Tumblr Thread: Aggressive Generosity Combats Boomer Selfishness

It's quick little tales like this that manage to temporarily restore our faith in humanity. This dude did not have to intervene when the Karen in front of them was making the Dairy Queen employee's shift all the more unpleasant, but they did. Oh yes, they did, and they did so when it came at zero benefit to them. That's the selfless kindness that the world needs. Plus, picturing Karen's face when she continued to witness someone else actively offsetting her toxic antics. 

A Tumblr post about a customer counteracting angry Karen with kindness | unclefather cashier: l'm sorry 's going be 5 minute wait food old people: let speak manager. This never would have happened my day. And yet all want minimum wage raised going kill cashier sorry 's going be 5 minute wait food
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