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Funny moments of cringey stupidity and facepalm | Eric Fll am only person who thinks dwayne johnson looks like rock | Is there any sort book subscription kids exists where order books and once read them return them and get more? 7 Comments O Like Comment 's called library.

20+ Baffling Moments of Impressive Stupidity

Oy vey.
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Funny and stupid question people asked on Quora | should do about my 19-year-old son? He's serious about 20-year-old girl same class at his university and do not approve him dating an older woman social norm is husband be older.

20+ Times Brainiacs Asked The Internet Some Extremely Dumb Questions

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A Modest Helping Of Random Memes

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Funny times people ate food wrong | @CUTechBuff Love my daughter but suddenly concerned she may skin my sleep. WHO EATS BURRITO LIKE THIS Served wich Rice.and ST KID | INDIGO @rockindigo Only serial killer would carry pizzas like this piz .co piz

15+ Cringey Instances Of People Eating Food Wrong

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People on Reddit share unspoken rules that are extremely annoying when not followed.

Unspoken Rules That People Should Really Be Following

Much of day-to-day life involves the knowledge (and practice) of unspoken rules. For example, here in New York, you should not be putting a bag on a subway seat - and you should definitely let people get off the subway before you get on. They may seem like universal forms of etiquette , but more people seem to ignore them than we think. Recently, redditor u/HAXposed asked the site's users to share the unspoken rules that, when broken, annoy them the most. And it's sad but validating to see that…
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Funny story about a car seller who tries to troll an entitled buyer | like car also, which is why won't be letting go 9k less than s worth. And not being dik s 7am and got stuff do ready make serious offer let know 07:12 Waste fukin time Absolute dikhead 07:13

Entitled Dude Gets Trolled By Amused Car Seller

Australians, man.
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Bamboozling Thread Wonders Why We Do Or Don’t See Our Phones In Dreams

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cursed, cursed comments, comments, funny comments, reddit, social media, gold replies, cringe, dark humor, edgy, memes, funny, wtf | WANNA PLAY GAME? Reese's pieces RESEALABLE ZIPPER Skittles utter MILK This is cruel Russian roulette people with peanut allergies | 1989 2020 emily84 this makes look like Yoda harvested George Lucas' youth order rejuvenate

20+ Cursed Comments From Twisted Minds

People being dark and edgy in the comments
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Funny history memes, dank memes, random memes

20+ History Memes Inspired By the Classical Era

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50+ Boredom-Crushing Memes for Comedy Cravings

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Redditor Gets Hailed As A Hero After Fully Automating Job

Wait until you realize how much they get paid.
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Memes & Cringey MLM Posts From Wannabe Entrepreneurs

They should really call it multi-level swindling
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funny times stupid people got school by science | Matihew Wilox DEAR ATHEISTS is cavemen survived asteroid but dinosaurs didn't? Mara Bangs Trick keep safe distance dinosaurs about 65 million years or so seemed do trick | B.o.B Follow @bobati cities background are approx. 16miles apart where is curve please explain this murderedbywords With circumference 24901 miles are looking at curvature around .2 degrees, or little more than 10 feet at 16 miles away. May say curvature is still significantly

20+ Entertaining Times Knowledge Was Dropped on Stupid People

Got 'em.
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Trashy people, cringe

Trashy People Who Are the Definition of Cringe

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