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Cursed Food Memes That May Spoil Your Appetite

Bone Apple Tea
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Funny and cringey horror stories of peoples worst job interviews.

20 Painful Tales of Peoples' Worst Job Interviews

Positively agonizing.
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Meandering Memes To Lose Concentration With

We're done with productivity.
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All the Best Spotify Wrapped Memes of 2021

It's December! You know what that means. No, we're not talking about Christmas or Hanukkah. It's Spotify Wrapped week—that special time of year when millions of people publicly humiliate themselves by posting about how they spent 1,586 hours listening to 'funee monkee gif.' Whether you're fully participating in Spotify Wrapped or you're a purist who only listens to vinyl, the memes are something everyone can enjoy, and we've got all the best ones so far. It's a good year for Spotify Wrapped meme
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20+ Times Clever People Trolled Phone Scammers

Ideas to use next time someone calls about your extended warranty
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Someone Made a Parody VR Simulation of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

It’s Delightfully Cursed
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30+ Good Memes for Shameless Memeaholics

Let's get these memes
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TikToker Gets Roasted for Enhancing Her Hair Part

You can't really go on TikTok without coming across a makeover video or someone doing their hair while perfectly lip-syncing audio that has nothing to do with what you're seeing. These TikToks are a dime a dozen, but sometimes they can get a bit strange. A recent viral video from TikToker and musician @lourdiz shows her extending the width of her hair part with a razor. Whether this was a cry for help or a cry for clout is yet to be seen. One thing's for sure—the comment section was unanimous in
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WTF stories from Twitter thread

WTF Anecdotes Both Serendipitous and Scary

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30+ Random Memes That Are Too Good To Be True

Hallelujah for memes
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Funny and cringey twitter thread about a guy who wrote titanic 2, dan dockery.

Rollercoaster Twitter Thread Is An Epic Tale Of Love, Fanfiction, and Rejection

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Fresh Tweets from the Clever Minds of Twitter

Twitter excellence.
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Absurd wikiHow Image Macros That Wouldn’t Look Out Of Place If They Were Real

As children of the internet , it is our shared and slightly shameful open secret that we have all tried to learn a trick or two from wikiHow at some point. Almost as famous as the advice it gives are the pictures that go along with it. The distinctive watercolor-style illustrations can be a strange experience even when they are viewed within the context of the advice that they accompany. This makes them the perfect base material for image macros of all sorts, as @wikihowimagemacros has discover…
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20+ Dank Hanukkah Memes for Anyone Feeling Festive

Chag Sameach!
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Funny twitter thread about fucked up family

20+ Funny & Disturbing Stories of Family Antics

We're not sure if kids are nuts because of their imaginations or if they're just regular people without a seasoned moral compass. Either way, this Twitter thread from @lukasbattle leaves us feeling like our families are very, very normal. From tales of sleepwalking sisters wielding knives, to locking tying a little brother in the basement, these stories are sure to make you laugh - and may very well creep you out.
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Guy Baffles Viewers With Wacky Cooking Video

It's modern art
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