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What you see above is a mod showcased by Super Mega Buster 123 Win64 Gigabyte, and actually created by KevintheH. The mod swaps Ryu's model with Goku textures. See video below:

Impressively enough the mod's only in 'beta', but already manages to sound much like Goku. This isn't the first display of effective character swap mods. In the past we've seen the likes of Samus and Captain Falcon swapped for Iron Man and Captain America. 

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Much of the fervor surrounding this bubblin' controversy stems from words shared from one of Spain's top players (Greward) via Reddit recently: 

"In Spain there's just 3 actual Bayonetta mains as of now (over 400 people!), and two of them do agree with the ban. We had more bayonetta players (mostly as secondaries) but they dropped her because they felt it was unfair. If bayonetta is banned, they'll probably go back to their old mains. However, since recent tournaments a lot of people are starting to pick her and we're seeing MK 2.0 case, so banning her before everyone mains her is in our opinion the best option.

When just ~7% of votes are against actually banning her (rest is either yes or I dunno) she is toxic. If left allowed, a lot of people would drop out of the tournaments, scene and the game, and thus it's not worth it to have her allowed. This is what I mean as toxic.

Banning bayonetta won't be very detrimental to our community, at worst there is only one or two players who would stop attending. It might be detrimental for competing outside of our country, but that's it.

Most TO agree with the ban and will actually ban her in their own tournaments. However, at the end of the day, each TO will set up rules for his own tournament, so it's not impossible to have more tournaments with Bayonetta allowed, although the tournament might have low attendance.

No other character is banned in Spain or has ever been in the history of Smash. We do restrict Miis to guest, but with any moveset. We did ban Kokonoe on release in BlazBlue though, but that's not smash.
As far as tournament results, Bayo players have made notable upsets (top40ish player beating top10, or top6 destroying everyone), but as she's not played by many people she's not dominating all results."

What do you think should be done?

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Watches video. Looks down at hands. Shakes head and disgustedly tosses controller...


No, but all kidding aside if players out there are willing to substitute pride and dignity and their GameCube controllers for wireless controllers, they'll be able to play with the Bidou technique. Granted, smash tourneys don't allow wireless controllers, but hey why not mess around with this during recess?


Bidou allows for players to near perfectly execute pivots/crouching pivots, sliding spot dodges, standing dash attacks, and sustain frame accuracy during wall jump attacks.