Check Out Splatoon's Single Player Mode

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Splatoon isn't even out yet, and it's already becoming infamous. Players in the Global Testfire over the weekend found out just how brutal the multiplayer can be, specifically the game's paint roller weapon:

But what's the single player campaign like? Early looks suggest it's more robust than I expected. Players traverse through unique levels and face different challenges like using ink geysers and navigating moving platforms. The structure of the single player levels is being compared to Mario Galaxy, at least in terms of layout.

Boss battles match what you'd expect from a Nintendo game, and look like they put the game's core mechanic, ink, into play beautifully.

Have you played any of Splatoon yet? Are you excited for the game?

Nintendo's Bringing the Nintendo World Championships Back at E3

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Bad news everyone, Reggie quit Nintendo so he can compete in the Nintendo World Championships on June 14.  But on the bright side, look how ready his body is!

reggie 2015 e3 ready body

Also featured at this year's E3 will be Nintendo's usual digital event on June 16 at 9 am.  Mark your calendars!

Ten Years Ago Today, May 11, 2005, the First Leeroy Jenkins Video Was Posted to the Internet

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Relive the most glorious party wipe in the history of Western civilization, now in stunning 1080p...

... just kidding, the video quality still sucks. Apologies in advance for any PTSD flashbacks to your own epic party wipes that this video may cause.

"At least I have chicken."
-- Leeroy