Nintendo Introduces the Nintendo 2DS

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"This is an entry-level handheld gaming system," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says.

The system will play all DS and 3DS games and will be $129.99. It is releasing in October to coincide with the release of Pokémon X & Y. Its two screens are the size of the original 3DS, so if you want bigger screens, the 3DS XL is still the way to go. It comes with all the same functionality of the 3DS, but without the top screen rendering in 3D.

Also, buh-bye clamshell.

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Holy Shiitake Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Created in Unreal Engine 4 Looks Absolutely Incredible!

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3D artist Aryok Pinera made this stunning recreation of everyone's favorite video game plumber in Unreal Engine 4.  Imagine if the next Nintendo console looked like this!

mario unreal engine 4

mario unreal engine 4 gif

Previously in Unreal Engine 4... 

Good News, Batman!

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We've got him right where we want him.