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Yes, reportedly since May 24th more than 1,500 people in China have been removed from the game permanently. The developers are definitely not f**king around.

Banning over 1,500 players for life within the first week of the game being live, sets a solid standard for how other game developers might go about enlisting harsh if not appropriate punishment for the players out there that sap enjoyment from other peoples' games for the sake of cheating their own way to victory. Screenshots like this one depicting the rage struggles being felt by the cheaters caught redhanded have already begun to surface:

What do you guys think about the Blizzard Banhammer thus far--too harsh, or right on the money?

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The days of Professor Sycamore have apparently come and gone (queue the outrage from the loyal fans, of course). Sycamore really got the people going with his long and dark, luscious locks:

It seems that the Pokemon Game Freak developers decided to further up the ante, and thus introduced Sun and Moon's very shirtless Professor Kukui:

Some might argue the dude's shirtless cause it's Hawaii, and the humidity's probably through the roof, but I'd have you refer to the present lab coat...Annd now the reactions:

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Oh, and then this happened:

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