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Simpsons Fans Rejoice As Writer Shares The OG Script For The Legendary "Steamed Hams" Scene

Writer Bill Oakley delighted fans of The Simpsons yesterday after tweeting the original script for the series' beloved "Steamed Hams" scene. In the episode, Principal Skinner invites Superintendent Chalmers over for dinner. As can be expected, the dinner is a disaster and results in a series of seriously elaborate lies. When Chalmers expresses confusion at being served hamburgers after being promised steamed clams, Skinner attempts to smooth things over by explaining that he meant "steamed hams" - an Albany term for burgers.

 The scene, from the 1996 episode "22 Short films About Springfield" has reached mega-meme status, inspiring parodies, remixes, image macros and even Facebook pages. You can read the script and reactions below - as well as enjoy some classic steamed hams memes.

Funny original script for the simpsons steamed hams scene, principal skinner, superintendant chalmers.
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