Kid Achieves Master Troll Status, Pranks Whole Apple Store By Uploading His Face on Every Device's Screen

The user responsible for sharing this gem of a troll heist with us was quoted in the original photo saying, "I don't know about you guys, but I already found my new role model for 2017." Yo. Right there with you.

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american greetings and nick offerman troll ces tech expo
Via: American Greetings
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CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year. It’s when everyone convinces you that you need to buy a terrifying robot Einstein for some reason.

But Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson and American Greetings — yeah, the greeting card company — trolled all of them.

Promising “a device like none other,” Offerman and America Greetings delivered just that. Offerman took to the stage to present… a regular greeting card that looks like:

via Mashable

Offerman, who was there to present the product had this to say:

"When I started dating my wife — her name is Megan Mullally, she's a very beautiful actress and singer and goddess — she and I loved giving each other cards," he told a crowd at the press event. "It's a very important part of our relationship, and so we've continued that practice.

"Even though there are times when it's more appropriate, of course, to send a text or an email ... when you really want to get a sentiment across, there's nothing like the artifact of the handwritten card.

D'awwww... now go buy one for you mother or something.

H/T Mashable

Via: dailymail
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Earlier today a man and his family were kicked off a plane for confronting Ivanka Trump (whether he did it calmly or violently seems to be a matter of who is telling the story). During the episode, the man's husband decided to live Tweet what was going on because ??? 

The Tweets, and as far as we can tell his Twitter account as well, have since been deleted but don't worry, the WHOLE internet still has screenshots. 

So here are the Tweets, and the image and Tweet above thanks to this guy named Matthew Lasner and the fact that nothing can be erased from the internet.