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WARNING: Strong language near the middle of the video. 

These cops really got the wrong guy.  Jarid Hamilton was in the process of live streaming on Twitch when the cops came knocking at his door for a noise complaint.  His neighbor, Benjamin Michael Frostad, allegedly called the police on Hamilton so he could steal from him.

 After giving the police some trouble, Hamilton is taken out of his apartment to be arrested for refusing to give his name to the police. 

That's when Frostad sneaks in and takes some shoes and headphones.  He also returns for more items a little later.  You can see him look straight into the camera to check if the coast is clear. 

Look into the eyes of a criminal mastermind
via Mr_13ig

Obviously, it wasn't. The people watching Hamilton's livestream on Twitch called the police to report the burglary.  Now Frostad's facing felony burglary charges. 

video game news famed god facing five years for swatting
Via: Chicago Sun Times
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According to the Chicago Sun Times, Brandon Willson aka "Famed God" has been arrested in connection to a SWATting prank that took place in July.  Willson apparently fabricated a murder claim in order to get police to a streamers home after hacking their consoles to attain their personal information.  Willson also at one point tried to take credit for the PSN hack last year, but has been confirmed to not be a part of the hack.

Police executed a search warrant at Willson's Las Vegas home where they found evidence connecting him to the SWATting incident.  Willson is charged with two counts of computer tampering and one count each of intimidation, computer fraud, identity theft and disorderly conduct.  If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

What do you think, is five years an appropriate conviction for someone involved in a SWATting prank?