Console Wars Over: PornHub Promises to Fully Support the PS4

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Already bored of your PlayStation 4 launch titles? Have no fear because you will have plenty of material to fap to! Now there's an easy answer to those awkward Bungie guys...

It's unclear what "fully support" means because there probably won't be a dedicated app on the PS4. You're probably better off using the Wii U tablet web browser so you can keep your shame to yourself.

The best thing that could come from this is hopefully PornHub trophies!

Gold Trophy - Experience a whole new type of Giant Enemy Crab.
Silver Trophy - Receive your first pop-up.
Bronze Trophy - Turn off Knack and fap instead.
Bronze Trophy - Participate in a live speedrun.

And if you're interrupted you can just tell your mom you are trophy hunting!

South Park's Take on the Console Wars

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What console do you stand for? No one cares about poor Wii U... :'(

Ruh-Roh! Reviewers Are Saying While PlayStation 4's Call of Duty: Ghosts is Native 1080p it Also Drops in Framerate and Xbox One Doesn't

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Looks like Infinity Ward just released an unoptimized Call of Duty: Poo. And for people that say PC Master Race, have fun playing a terrible port of a terrible console game.