MEME MADNESS: I Made You a Bracket, But I Winned It

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LOLcats: What CAN'T they do? Except lose! Mods are putting their money on this one, but we can't really rig the fight since you have total control over the results.

You know the drill by now, right? I mean, if not, share this effer on Facebook and watch the numbers POUR IN.

Meme Madness: LOLcats

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Some know them as "Meme Cats." Those over 40 simply know them as "The Only Thing on the Internet." Yes, we're talking LOLcats today. And we're talking IN LOLSPEAK. We've hired a guest editor to fill in for us, because we literally have no idea how to translate.

"Ohai! We'z all no lolcats r teh bestest, butt (!) we haz stif compe...compe... bad gaiz: Da Yo Goggie! Goggies r NAWT owr friends todai! Butt (!) we can has epic hed splorting kyootness! Kittehs will winz da dai!"

Cool! Yes! Whatever that means!

If LOLcats has more Facebook shares than Yo Dawg, it moves ahead! Animals, Y U no just be friends?