Dank Meme Roundup: These Companies Test On Animals

Another day, another silly photoshop meme. On July 5th, animal rights group Beagle Freedom Project tweeted a poster featuring a beagle and the logos of companies that are known to test on animals. Two days later, a redditor posted a photoshopped version of the poster featuring the Soundcloud logo - and an image of a chihuahua with headphones as the final panel of the 4 panel image. 

The image racked up a ton of points on the r/dankmemes subreddit, and other users joined in poking fun at the animal rights poster. Here are some of our favorite versions of the meme. We're glad that Raid tests on animals, as long as they are the creepy crawly pest-kind.

Collection of funny and dank memes about companies that test on animals, featuring soundcloud and guitar hero.
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