Pornhub's Year In Review Reveals The World's Sauciest Statistics

Memebase here to report some breaking news: according to Pornhub's 2017 insights, humans watch porn. A LOT of porn. 

Pornhub's statistics are always entertaining, but this year they're extra comprehensive, and for all you office drones - totally SFW. This year we're very interested in the fact that "porn for women" was the #1 trending search term on the site, and that somehow, mainly due to the searches of women,  Kim Kardashian is still considered one of the top 5 porn stars on the hub. We're all for women making porn their own, but maybe it's time for Kim to get a little less time in the spotlight, even on a porn site. 

We've included most of the stats and graphs in this post, but to read their rather insightful analysis, hop on over to the site.  

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