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LEGO architects David Frank and Alice Finch teamed up to create this amazing masterpeice that lays out the elven outpost of Revendell from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The Brothers Brick recently interviewed the two builders on how the incredibly detailed structure came together.

The Brothers Brick: What did you struggle with the most?

Alice and David: One of the major challenges with this build was making the buildings truly fit into their setting. Usually when you design a building, you do just that — you do the structure first and then fit it into its setting. In this case, we did all the landscaping first, which involved some significant elevation change and quite a few waterfalls. And since it's on a total of 32 baseplates, we had to make sure that the joints were as invisible as possible — no small challenge when there are so many different elevations. (read more)

Dancing Brazilian Dog Inspires Remixes
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A Brazilian dog that appears to be dancing was a minor internet hero in 2016.
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There has been a lot of speculation about the content and direction of 'Super Mario Odyssey' since its reveal last week.

The gist of what we knew about 'Super Mario Odyssey' so far was that it will have Mario running around in an urban environment on a grand quest to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, or something like that.

We knew Nintendo was looking to, yet again, try something new for the Mario franchise but we had no idea the insane lengths Nintendo was going to take to push Mario in a new direction.

Well, now new footage has emerged showing everyone's favorite plumber in action in his new locale.

It turns out that in the new game Mario enjoys such illicit activities like bar fighting, bowling and visiting strip clubs.
Given how much our Italian friend loves mushrooms, we shouldn't be too surprised.

Jokes aside, this has to be one of our most favorite GTA mods of all time. The genius who made this video managed to make Mario commit every heinous act that we never thought we'd see.

We'll never look at Mario quite the same way again.

Keep those big hands to yourself buddy.

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