Playboy announced today that the classic naughty magazine will no longer publish nude images starting this spring.

Um, what?

Models will still be in provocative poses, but the March issue will have no fully nude images.

As we say goodbye to nudity, let's remember the 15 most iconic covers of Playboy's past...

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Via: Luke Gatti
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Luke Gatti doesn't want your mac 'n' cheese donations—send those to your local food bank, the infamous "drunk UConn kid" said in his apology video.

Remember the entitled teen who was caught on video berating a cafeteria worker over bacon-jalapeño mac 'n' cheese? Well, that's Gatti. And he's super sorry now.

After the incident went viral, the student was dismissed from his university. This seems to be a wake-up call.

"I am ashamed. I really am ashamed of myself," he says in the video.

Gatti apologizes to the cafeteria staff, calls himself an a**hole and promises to seek help for his problems.

Wait...a local diner named a calzone after this kid? Nah, he won't learn a thing.

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