Jack Vale

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We all have that fear.

The fear that we have some random creeper following us around who mysteriously knows everything about us. The one whom you've never met in your life who, right after introducing themselves, proceeds to ask you why you like to have a hot pumpkin spice latte right after your Zumba class (seriously, a hot, rich, sweet drink like that after physical exercise? Ick!).

Jack Vale exploits that very fear, introducing himself to total strangers while knowing just a bit too much about them...

... okay, way too much about them.

Via: Jack Vale Films
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Sometimes when you mistype a url, you’re taken to a fake website which tries to make you think your computer is infected with a virus or otherwise malfunctioning. There’s usually contact information to help get this problem resolved.

YouTube Prankster Jack Vale decided to give one of the numbers a call to see who was behind the online scam.

Vale pretends to be an elderly couple who has difficulty understanding the woman on the other end of the phone, and he has a little fun with her before she catches on to the prank.

“Are you in Safari right now?” she asks.

“That was a few years ago,” he replies. “We went to Africa for that, but I’m at home now.”

She tries to convince him to let some IT technician remotely log in to his computer for 6-8 hours to fix the problem, and all for just $399!

Vale encouraged his viewers to bombard the scammers with calls, but the number was disconnected 2 hours after his prank.

It appears they have found other services to troll now instead, at least according to the comments.