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Arkansas has had its fair share of meth lab busts since 2012 (100), but Stephen would be wiser to make fun of a state like Missouri, which has had 18 times more meth lab busts than its southern neighbor.

The worst offender states are:

  1. Missouri (1,825)
  2. Tennessee (1,585)
  3. Indiana (1,429)
  4. Kentucky (919)
  5. Illinois (801)


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Via: MLB
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To give you a frame of reference:

"Any drive over 400 feet is noteworthy. A blow of 450 feet shows exceptional power, as the majority of major league players are unable to hit a ball that far. Anything in the 500-foot range is genuinely historic."

And anything over 600 feet is a lie made by old-timey strongmen, print journalists, and radio announcers before home run distance was tracked as a statistic.

Surprisingly, Stanton didn't even make it to the final round, where Oakland A's OF Yoenis Cespedes claimed the Derby crown for the second year in a row.

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