It Was an Insane First Half!

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What a match...WHAT A MATCH! Only 32 seconds in and Dempsey puts the ball in the back of the net, but then 32 minutes in he gets kicked square in the nose.

But what does he do? He continues to play dammit!

However, the Dempsey madness isn't the only tale to tell from this first half, for instance:

Jones had a solid first half and largely took the brunt of Ghana's physical abuse. But the man with the better dreads (sorry Beckerman) just kept getting back up. He terrorized Ghana down the left and was able to make a solid stop or two.
The real sleeper story of the first half though, is Alejandro Bedoya. His passes and crosses were doing a fine job of slicing open Ghan's stalwart back 4.
But if the US want to win this, they're going to need more possession in the midfield, Michael Bradley needs to step it up.

See you next half.

Watch Clint Dempsey Go Around Asking People About... Who Else? Clint Dempsey!

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Clint Dempsey may be a household name after the World Cup, but apparently he isn't exactly a "household face" quite yet. Watch as people answer questions about him while being completely unaware of who they're talking to!