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Well that’s certainly one way to do it.

Professional wrestler Rob Venomous came up with an interesting, albeit slightly dangerous, method of pulling out his 8-year-old son’s loose tooth.

He tied one end of a string to his tooth and connected the other end to the back of his Chevrolet Camaro.

It’s basically like using a doorknob but with a lot more power and risk of serious injury.

Fortunately for the kid, everything went according to plan, and he was’t dragged down the street screaming in pain.

By Unknown
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Few cars in the history of American Muscle have been as polarizing as the Corvette C3... that is, if the poles were "sucks" and "really, really sucks."

Because American Muscle sounds like American Hustle, let's do a comparison:

Christian Bale is a '67 Pontiac GTO: loud, kickass, and one of the best ever.

Jennifer Lawrence is a '68 Shelby Mustang GT500 KR: gorgeous, stylish, and it backs up its good looks with serious punch and versatility.

The Corvette C3 is like an unfunny Louis CK: It ain't even fun to look at. Sorry Chevy, you bombed this one.

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